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Dr. Pradeep Tripathi is a renowned surgeon at Tietan Hospital in Manpada & several others. A member of the Maharashtra Medical Council, he makes sure to pay attention to each of his patients’ needs and preferences too.


A Renowned Bariatric & Laparoscopic Surgeon in Thane

People struggling with weight loss often do not get the right guidance and medical care. Dr. Pradeep Tripathi is the best bariatric surgeon in Thane. Having 26 years of experience as a General Surgeon, Dr. Tripathi has specializations in Bariatric Surgery, Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery, General Laparoscopic Surgery, and Laparoscopic Gynaec Surgery. Known as the best laparoscopic surgeon in Thane, Dr. Pradeep Tripathi also makes sure that his patients get the best results after treatment procedures. Dr. Tripathi believes in providing patient-centric services. Right from the well-being of the patient before the surgery to its final result, he makes sure to focus on all aspects. Be it a laparoscopy surgery or a bariatric surgery, it is necessary to find the right surgeon. Esteemed fellowships in Minimal Access Surgery, Bariatric Surgery, and Robotic Surgery make Dr. Tripathi the best laparoscopic surgeon in Thane. Additionally, the medical expert also has a Diploma in Laparoscopic Surgery which makes him reliable.


Bariatric surgery not only needs physical readiness but also requires mental well-being. With a high level of professionalism, Dr. Tripathi makes sure all his bariatric patients are well prepared before the surgery which increases the success rate of the surgical procedure. Bariatric surgery is focused on weight loss but it also involves several lifestyle changes. Recognized as the most reliable bariatric surgeon in Thane, Dr. Tripathi makes sure to guide his patients post-surgery too. Though laparoscopy is a low-risk procedure, it requires a lot of precision. Dr. Pradeep Tripathi is rightly called the best laparoscopic surgeon in Thane all thanks to his experience.


It is necessary for the patient to know about the surgery he/she is going for. Dr. Pradeep Tripathi makes sure all his patients are well-informed before the start of the procedure. Here are some basic things to know about bariatric surgery.

  • Focus on diet is a must before the surgery
  • Weight management before the surgery can help in getting desired results
  • Mental well-being is important before bariatric surgery
  • The first couple of weeks after surgery are crucial

Book an appointment today with Dr. Pradeep Tripathi, the best bariatric and laparoscopic surgeon in Thane. The renowned medical expert can also be contacted on +91 9152221666. For detailed queries and information, mail at info@drpradeeptripathi.com.

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Practising in the following hospitals:

Tieten Medicity, Kasarvadavli.

Tieten Medicity, Manpada

Sai Hospital

Tieten Medicity, Kasarvadavli.

Tieten Medicity, Manpada

Jupiter Hospital, Thane

Sai Hospital, Thane

Sai Hospital, Chembur


Our team includes experienced and caring professionals who share the belief that our care should be comprehensive and courteous – responding fully to your individual needs and preferences.
Dr. Pradeep Tripathi is a renowned General Surgeon in Manpada, Thane. He has been a practicing General Surgeon for 26 years. He has done MBBS, MS – General Surgery. You can meet Dr. Pradeep Tripathi personally at Titan Hospital in Manpada, Thane. Book an appointment online with Dr. Pradeep Tripathi


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Best Bariatric Surgery in Thane

Bariatric Surgery

Weight-loss surgery refers to a set of procedures that alter your digestive system to help you lose weight. It’s also known as bariatric surgery…

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General surgery is a medical discipline that involves performing various types of surgical procedures to treat a broad…

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What Our Patients Have to Say

“We as a family will forever be grateful for the strength and fortitude you provided, and for the successful treatment to our 93-year-old father. Thank you so much Dr. Tripathi for making such an enormous difference in his life and in each of ours.”
Shakantdutt Semlety
"Outstanding individual. I have seen many physicians over the years and Dr. Tripathi is at the top of my list. Incredible bed side manner along with a true concern for his patients. I am very fortunate to have found him and to have him as my treating doctor. Thank you, Dr. Pradeep Tripathi."
Juzer Tapia
"As a house maker wife and mother of active teenage children, the thought of such invasive surgery and potentially difficult recovery was very concerning to me. I found Dr. Pradeep Tripathi a very good doctor and good human being. He explained the situation in very well manner. He did operation successfully."
Bindu yadav
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is laparoscopic surgery?

Laparoscopic surgery, also known as minimally invasive surgery, is a modern surgical technique that utilizes small incisions and specialized instruments to perform procedures inside the abdomen or pelvis. This approach offers benefits such as reduced pain, shorter recovery times, and smaller scars compared to traditional open surgery.

3. What are the different types of bariatric procedures?

There are several types of bariatric procedures, including gastric sleeve surgery, gastric bypass surgery, and adjustable gastric banding (lap band surgery). Each procedure has its own benefits and considerations, and the most suitable option for you will depend on factors such as your weight loss goals, medical history, and lifestyle.

5. What are the potential risks and complications associated with laparoscopic and bariatric surgery?

While laparoscopic and bariatric surgeries are generally safe, like any surgical procedure, they carry some risks and potential complications. These may include infection, bleeding, blood clots, anesthesia risks, and complications specific to the type of surgery performed. Dr. Tripathi will thoroughly discuss potential risks and benefits with you during the consultation process.

2. Am I a candidate for bariatric surgery?

Bariatric surgery is typically recommended for individuals with severe obesity (BMI of 40 or higher) or those with a BMI of 35 or higher with obesity-related health conditions such as diabetes or high blood pressure. However, candidacy for bariatric surgery depends on various factors, including overall health, lifestyle, and medical history. Dr. Pradeep Tripathi will evaluate your individual case to determine if bariatric surgery is right for you.

4. How long is the recovery period after laparoscopic surgery?

Recovery times can vary depending on the specific procedure performed and individual factors. In general, patients undergoing laparoscopic surgery experience shorter hospital stays and faster recovery times compared to traditional open surgery. Dr. Pradeep Tripathi will provide detailed post-operative instructions and guidance to help facilitate a smooth recovery process.

6. Will I need to make lifestyle changes after bariatric surgery?

Yes, lifestyle changes are an essential part of the bariatric surgery journey. Following surgery, you will need to adhere to a specific diet and exercise regimen prescribed by Dr. Pradeep Tripathi. These changes are designed to support weight loss, promote overall health, and maximize the benefits of the procedure.

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