Colonoscopy in Thane


Colonoscopy surgery is a medical procedure used to examine the large intestine (colon) and rectum. It plays a crucial role in detecting and treating various gastrointestinal conditions. Let’s explore the world of colonoscopy surgery:

What is Colonoscopy Surgery?

Colonoscopy surgery involves the use of a colonoscope, a flexible tube with a camera and light, to visualize the inner lining of the colon and rectum. This procedure allows doctors to identify abnormalities such as polyps, inflammation, or tumors.

Types of Colonoscopy Surgery

– Diagnostic Colonoscopy: Used to investigate symptoms like rectal bleeding, abdominal pain, or changes in bowel habits.

– Screening Colonoscopy: Recommended for routine screening to detect early signs of colorectal cancer or precancerous polyps.

– Therapeutic Colonoscopy: Involves procedures like polyp removal, tissue biopsy, or treatment of bleeding lesions.

– Virtual Colonoscopy: A non-invasive imaging technique using CT scans to create 3D images of the colon, suitable for some patients who can’t undergo traditional colonoscopy.

Benefits of Colonoscopy Surgery

Colonoscopy surgery offers several benefits in the realm of gastrointestinal health:

– Early Detection of Cancer: Helps detect colorectal cancer in its early stages when treatment is more effective.

– Polyp Removal: Allows for the removal of precancerous polyps, reducing the risk of developing cancer.

– Diagnosis of GI Conditions: Assists in diagnosing conditions like inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), ulcerative colitis, or Crohn’s disease.

– Preventive Screening: Routine colonoscopies for individuals over 50 can prevent colorectal cancer by detecting and removing precancerous growths.

Why is Colonoscopy Surgery Done?

Colonoscopy surgery is performed for various reasons:

– Screening for Colorectal Cancer: Especially recommended for individuals over 50 or those with a family history of colorectal cancer.

– Investigating Digestive Symptoms: Helps diagnose the cause of symptoms like persistent diarrhea, rectal bleeding, or unexplained weight loss.

– Monitoring Chronic Conditions: Follow-up colonoscopies are essential for patients with a history of colon polyps or inflammatory bowel disease.

– Treatment of Abnormalities: Allows for the removal of polyps, tissue samples for biopsy, or treatment of bleeding sources within the colon.

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